James Arsenault

James ArsenaultJames (Jim) Arsenault has practiced law with The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Hedlund since moving to Lakeview in 2016. Before that, he lived and practiced in the “big city” of Tacoma, Washington. He graduated from the University of Washington (Go Huskies!) in 2008 and Seattle University School of Law in 2010.

Mr. Arsenault is licensed as an attorney in both Oregon and Washington, and brings a broad variety of life experience to the practice of law in Lakeview. He practiced criminal law in Washington for 3 years and now practices in a variety of areas here in Lakeview. Mr. Arsenault has had the pleasure of calling three corners of the country home: being born in the Northeast, living in the Southeast and now enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. He has also seen most of the rest of the nation from behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer truck.

He is not (yet) a lifetime resident of Lakeview, but the small town life and slower pace continue to grow on him. Mr. Arsenault looks forward to meeting more of his Lakeview neighbors and serving Lake County’s legal needs, big or small.